Hobart oozes historic charm and is an idyllic location for your next family getaway. Tasmania, or ‘Tassy’ as many Aussies call it affectionately, has a fascinating capital city that is well worth visiting on your next holiday.

Whether you’re admiring stunning panoramic views overlooking the city from the soaring 1,270-metre heights of Mount Wellington or stepping back in time as you explore the historic, colonial-era style of Battery Point (founded in 1830), there’s plenty to do in Hobart.

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These are the top three things to tick off your Hobart bucket list.

1. See the city from the top of Mount Wellington/Kunanyi

In Tasmania, both the European and traditional Aboriginal names for places are displayed side by side. Mount Wellington, or Kunanyi, is both a natural and cultural landmark of the region and a must-see during your stay in Hobart. It was formed millennia ago during the Jurassic ages.

Part of the mountain is called ‘Organ Pipes’, referring to the organ-shaped rock formation that dominates the silhouette. When the wind blows, you can hear the melodic sounds of the breeze tinkling through these rocks.

Drive up to the summit along Pinnacle Road. Once you are at the top, you can breathe in crisp, fresh air as you gaze over the World Heritage Area wilderness spreading out beneath you. Bonus photography tip: If you have a smartphone with a panorama function, snapping a photo here would make for an iconic image of Hobart.

2. Sip coffee at an alfresco cafe in Battery Point

Situated in the Southeastern area of the city and framed by the waterfront, Battery Point oozes colonial charm. The architecture showcases its 17th century origins and British influences, lighting up in the Tassy sunshine behind a plethora of cafes dotted along the streets. If you’re here on a Saturday, be sure to visit the Salamanca Markets for finding some arty and crafty treasures.

History lovers should head to the local Post Office to collect a walking guide, highlighting points of interest such as St George’s Anglican Church. After your leisurely stroll back in time, enjoy a hot coffee while sitting alfresco and soak in the surrounds in bliss.

3. Stop to smell the roses at Hobart’s Royal Tasmanian Botanic Gardens

Spreading across an expansive 13.5 hectare area, these gardens exhibit more than 6,500 diverse plant species. They have been around for nearly two centuries, making them the country’s second-oldest. Conservation collections of endangered plants, such as shy Susans and Davies wax flowers, are built on site for green-fingered tourists to peruse.

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